School Representatives

According to the Local Constitution, Section 22, Sub-section...

(6) School representatives—The duties of the school representatives shall include reporting on the activities of the local council to their respective staffs and such other duties as are requested by the local council or The Alberta Teachers’ Association.

Northland Local No 69

School Representatives
Anzac School Hilary J Morgan
Athabasca Delta Community School Erin P Reilly
Bill Woodward School Jami M Antle
Bishop Routhier School Vacant
Calling Lake Outreach School Vacant
Calling Lake School Vacant
Chipewyan Lake School Vacant
Conklin Community School Justina M Nielsen
Elizabeth Community School Danielle J O'Connor
Father R Perin School Adam Bourque
Fort McKay School Annette L Adams
Gift Lake School Dorothy F Hinz
Grouard Northland School Wendy M Calahasen
Hillview School Lindsay C Bieda-Ram
J F Dion School Brandon Szott
Mistassiniy Outreach Elizabeth M Dunleavy
Mistassiniy School Sarah A DeGiacomo
Paddle Prairie School Melanie L Lapp
Pelican Mountain School Patti Beaudry
St Theresa School Brittany M Bailey
Susa Creek School Jaeda Feddema